If you’re looking to stumble upon a unique dinner in Oceanside, check out The Bowery Rockville Centre (RVC). In a word, we would say “spectacular.” Actually spectacular doesn’t cover dinner in Oceanside, due to the fact that The Bowery RVC is one part bar and another part street fair and a nightly carnival. So what makes The Bowery such a standout for dinner in Oceanwide? Well, for starters, Chef Dan DeSalvo turns ordinary street food into carnival comestibles.

The food alone is worth a trip for dinner in Oceanside. Start with a sample of the menu items, which includes a giant beer battered pretzel, grilled chicken wontons, Mexican corn, falafel, and street tacos. Because what would a dinner in Oceanside at The Bowery RVC be without street tacos? Get your taste buds ready to “chow down” on delicious Mahi Tacos or try Chef DeSalvo’s Tacos Al Pastor (GF), made from slow roasted pork shoulder with grilled pineapple, Mexican corn, and white onion. It doesn’t stop there, for dinner in Oceanside has a variety of sticks, burgers and dogs and appetizers and entrees for all appetites. Don’t forget to leave room for the main entrees, for dinner in Oceanside select any combo of salads, sliders, and jaffles and sandwiches.

There’s so much more to dinner in Oceanside at The Bowery Rockville. The year-round carnival food and festivities are appealing enough, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Take your dinner in Oceanside to the next level with seasonal special events. In May, the party is on with Cinco De Mayo, and don’t worry if you missed the date. Get ready to race and play at the Mario Kart Legue. Check the monthly calendar of events before planning your night out with dinner in Oceanside. Enjoy street food with an eclectic twist, a nightly carnival-like atmosphere and for after hours, mixologist, Nic Richards serves up freshly blended handcrafted cocktails.