In the Rockville Centre, N.Y. area, the best place to experience Oceanside street cuisine with a twist is The Bowery RVC. The carnivalesque atmosphere with vintage games will delight all ages. Award winning chef, Dan Desalvo, and master mixologist, Nic Richards; work together to create and elevate Oceanside street cuisine to an unforgettable experience.The menu includes a delightful assortment of street cuisine to satisfy the taste buds of every type of diner in your group. From the tried and true Chili Dog to the Caramel Salted Bacon Wings, The Bowery RVC has the Oceanside street cuisine you crave.

With such amazing Oceanside street cuisine and the warm and welcoming atmosphere, The Bowery RVC is sure to become a favorite. With the main menu including the satisfying Donut Burger, the exquisite Beets and Goat Cheese Salad and many other options, Oceanside street cuisine has never been so delectable. In addition, the brunch menu includes the amazing Biscuits and Squeak, which includes a spicy country gravy, the forever delicious Bacon Bloody Mary, and many other elevated Oceanside street cuisine options that will bring you back to try “just one more thing”.
If you prefer your Oceanside street cuisine on a stick, don’t miss the Mexican Corn, complete with queso fresco, mayonnaise, cayenne pepper and cilantro- it is sure to delight. If you prefer a little more protein, don’t skip the Coconut Shrimp or Grilled Chicken kebabs. And absolutely no one says you can’t have all three.

After devouring your particular Oceanside street cuisine dish of choice, feel free to grab your chosen beverage and enjoy the vintage carnivalesque games available with family and friends. If you have the Oceanside street cuisine, shouldn’t you have the Oceanside fun? The vintage games will bring nostalgia to the older members of your group while creating beautiful memories for the younger visitors.
Can’t wait to see you there!