Experience Rockville Centre Street Food For Yourself
Do you love to experience new food from different cultures? One of the best ways to do so is by tasting street food through trucks and various public locations. If you’re looking for authentic street food, then look no further. The Bowery Rockville Centre street food offers a rich diversity when it comes to their cuisine, leaving you excited to share it with your friends.So what exactly do we offer? To give you a better idea of what street food our menu holds, take a look at the options provided by the Rockville Centre street food extravaganza.

Snacks and Appetizers
For those hoping to share a plate, Rockville Centre street food offers a range of options. You can choose from an assortment of tacos, wings, wontons, and fried rice balls. Also, make sure to stop by for our favorites, the beer battered giant pretzel and honey mustard mini corndogs. The tacos found at Rockville Centre street food are a big hit amongst crowds.

Street Tacos
You can’t experience the Rockville Centre street food without enjoying our much-loved tacos. Mix and match your options of meats and flavors, being served with a side of Mexican corn. The Rockville Centre street food offers selective meats for your tacos such as shrimp, Mahi, Steak and Al Pastor. Our Rockville Centre street food tacos allow you and your friends to experience the culture.

When deciding on where to go for authentic cuisine in New York, consider coming to the Rockville Centre street food vendors. Our menu of snacks, appetizers and street tacos will leave you wanting to come back. Don’t forget to also check out our other restaurants and bars that can be found close to the Rockville Centre street food. Who doesn’t want to get street food and then enjoy a drink at the bar? We here at the Bowery hope we see you soon.