The Bowery RVC has some of the best street food Rockville Centre. Street food is local food that is easy to prepare, and it sometimes is sold by food trucks. This restaurant has delicious local street food menu items, that customers can enjoy at a sit down restaurant. There is no standing outside in long lines waiting to be served. 

Their menu has a large selection of street food Rockville Centre. It has local favorites like beer battered pretzels that comes with a choice of two different dips. Their spicy buffalo wings come with a blue cheese dressing. The Bao Street Taco are another example of street food Rockville Centre. They are taco served with pork, chicken or beef and pickled vegetable. 

Our street tacos are the ultimate street food Rockville Centre. They are served three at at a time with corn from Mexico. We have shrimp tacos and steak tacos. Our specialty tacos are Mahi tacos made with only coleslaw and pickled red onions. The Taco Al Pastor is made from roasted pork, onions, and pineapple. These street food Rockville Centre are very flavorful. 

These street food Rockville Centre make a delicious lunch or after work snack with friends or co-workers. Sit down, relax and order a soda, beer, wine, or alcoholic drink to go with the street food Rockville Centre. There slider sandwiches are another type of street food Rockville Center. 

The Bowery RVC sliders are served with fries. They have sausage and peppers, philly steak, and gryos. This restaurant serves the best street food Rockville Centre. Customer can sit down and eat at comfortable tables and chairs, while they enjoy the most delicious street food Rockville Centre. 

Stop by The Bowery RVC restaurant for lunch, dinner, or appetizers and delicious street foods. It is located at 300 Sunrise Highway, Rockville Centre.